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Robert Belford
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Recording Software

1. Bandicam

The free version is restricted, but this software streams, allowing recording of long presentations.



2. Allways-On-Top , a utility you do not have to instal, which keeps a window on top of other windows.  This allows a face to be superimposed on a powerpoint style projection.


3. WebCamVeiwer - I used this to make the video of my talk at IUPAC.  The problem is they have an URL at the bottom of the cam.


4. Open Broadcaster:

I do not believe Bandicam has been updated, and it is not free.  This software is a bit complicated to learn, but I think it has great potential.


Alex Williams (not verified)
Mac Equivalent
Hi Dr. Belford, I wanted to make sure people with macs knew that they already have a great screen recorder. Its actually in quicktime! I have made a few screen casts with it at Centre for explaining how certain chemistry web apps work. Hope the other students find it useful! Here is a link to a tutorial for it. <a href=""></a>
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