POGIL-Based Facilitation

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Robert Belford
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POGIL-Based Facilitation

POGIL - Process Oriented Guided Inquiry Learning is a distributed cognitive process we can use to guide student interaction with lecturers and is ideal for meshing online with inclass activities

Students as individuals do not interact with lecturers, but do so through their team.  If a student has a question, the team first discusses it and tries to answer it, and then they collaboratively articulate their question/response and post it to the lecturer.


Leader - Identifies group objectives, assigns tasks (to all members, including leader) and guides group discussion.  Is responsible for group consensus when interacting with lecturers, and articulates (explains) lack of consensus when one exists.

Scribe - Records discussions, works as an aid to the reporter.

Reporter - Present's group activites.  Submits comments/questions to OLCC website, and presents group work to class.