Module Tutorial

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Module Tutorial

This forum topic will be a tutorial on making modules.

In Drupal a content type is a node, which has both a URL and a node ID.  The node can also have a "view" in it, which pulls material from database fields.  Different nodes have different features, which are defined by their "content type".  The OLCC uses 4 Content Types

Forum: this is used by the OLCC faculty to discuss topics

OLCC-Course:  This functions as a combined syllabus and table of contents.  It has links to OLCC Articles and TLOs.

OLCC-Article:  These are the "chapters" of the OLCC eTextbook.  We need to use the following convention in giving them URLs, where "2015OLCC" identifies the course, "Module3" identifies the module and "P1" identifies the paper (you can have additional papers each week, p2, p3....

If an article has an image, it needs to follow the following image naming guide, 2015OLCCModule3P1fig1, which means if it figure 1 of paper 1 of module 3.

TLO:  Teaching and Learning Object - This may be an image, graph, movie, jsmol, or any other object that can be embedded in a page, but it is really it's own node.  Below is a Youtube embedded in this page as a TLO.  It shows the difference between an image and a TLO, while also explaining the architecture of a TLO.  You can watch the TLO in this page, or click it's title, and watch it in the context of a different page.  The new page itself can have embedded TLOs.

What is a TLO? As a Content Type


The above video describes what a TLO, Teaching and Learning Object is.  If you click on the title, it will provide more information, and allow you to discuss the video.