Draft Organizing Committee Mission Statement

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Robert Belford
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Draft Organizing Committee Mission Statement

Function as a "steering committee", to identify shortcomings in traditional undergraduate chemistry programs that have resulted from recent advances in Digital Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs), and assist the PIs in developing a program to address said deficiencies. The core objective of the OLCC is to provide graduating chemistry majors with ICT related skills and techniques that are currently missing or inadequately addressed in the curriculum, and which would be an asset when they graduate and practice science. The organizing committee needs to ensure that the curriculum content is developed a manner that lends to archiving, repurposing and adoption by institutions that do not directly participate in the OLCC.

Three Target Areas for Curriculum Development

  1. Information Management in the Social Media Age
  2. Chemical Information Acquisition
  3. Core Cheminformatics

Organizing Committee Objectives

  1. Identify and recruit lecturers with expertise in target areas
  2. Identify and recruit facilitators of appropriate schools
  3. Develop syllabus in collaboration with PIs, lecturers and facilitators