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The modules on this page will be active throughout the entire course.  Neither the faculty or student list will be subscribed, but individual student and faculty members need to self subscribe to these pages if they want to participate in these activities.  Many of these pages may result in student project activities, and these are a good place to build collaborations.

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Exploring Reaxys


Reaxys is a web-based platform designed to facilitate the discovery and use of core and very broadly related chemistry information. Our aim is to explore the capabilities of Reaxys as a research tool and as an environment for chemistry teaching and learning.

Students in the Cheminformatics OLCC have access to Reaxys. Please contact your Facilitator for registration account information.




Molecular Visualization on the Web

As the author of MolView.org, I have dealt with some 3D molecular visualization on the web. In fact, somone else here, Dr. Hanson, is the maintainer of an entire visualization platform called Jmol! Now you might think that visualization is difficult, but guess what, it's not ;-). In this module I'm going to lead you through various steps enabling you to create a very simple website in your web browser that has a 3D molecule viewer with some structure in it. If you have zero experience in programming or web development, that's ok, what counts is your commitment!


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Damon Ridley's picture
Damon Ridley | Wed, 01/18/2017 - 10:08

I have just "joined" your class and I look forward to discussing Chemical Information Retrieval with you. I became interested in the topic as a young academic at The University of Sydney (Organic Chemistry Department) in 1983 - interested because I could see electronic information retrieval was the way for the future, and because I could see the intellectual challenges. After consulting with the Chemical Abstracts Service for almost 30 years, I now am a consultant for Elsevier Reaxys. I look forward to working with you all. That's enough from me now. I hope to get your feedback/questions on some of the modules soon.

OLCC S17 | Wed, 02/01/2017 - 11:05

I am Esther and am originally from Nigeria and i just got into the Department of Chemistry in University of Arkansas, Little rock, i just joined your class and i look forward to asking, finding, discussing and learning chemical information. i never knew i could work on Reaxys until i joined the class, am happy and i look forward to learning and advancing my career.

OLCC S197 | Thu, 02/02/2017 - 14:56

My name is chinenye from Nigeria .i am graduate student currently in chemistry department and i just joined the class not quite long .i have not heard of reaxys before until I joined this class. From the way things are going I think am enjoying the class and I am hoping to know more about reaxys database as time goes on.