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Substancesareclassifiedintotherolestheyplayinchemicalreactions,andinReaxysreagents/catalystsaregenerallygroupedundertheheadingCatalysts Classes.

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Another Test:

Hi All, we now think that this comment will not only be sent to you in this email (for which I apologize), but will also become a node on the drupal website. That is, anytime anyone of the group olccstu makes an annotation on any page on the web, it not only sends an email to the ualr list called, of which you are a member, but also is archived as a piece of content on our Drupal website.

I am also making this comment on a pdf tutorial document on the Reaxys website, to see if we can do that.

I am also making video tutorials, on all of this, so we can direct our students to them.

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