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 Chemical informatics for facilitating international collaboration
This activity aims at creating a working group of scientists to collaboratively source, collate, and analyse data with unique chemical signatures. It seeks to compile data collected from a broad range of routine chemical monitoring activities that contain chemical signatures (e.g. data collected from atmospheric monitoring, environmental sample collection, water testing, and more). The intent is to connect chemical and information scientists from different regions of the world to create a hub in which the information can be disseminated to the collaborators for visualisation and informative analysis of global and regional chemistry. This work is intended to facilitate engagement of the Technical Secretariat with the scientific community. Main output will be a data collation centre serving as a hub for collating and reducing data into formats compatible with the analytical tools used by the collaborating researchers. The hub, located in one of the participating universities, will support the network of collaborating scientists and build its capacity to expand beyond the implementation period.

I believe a small EU grant has been awarded to look into this, although the funds are not available for us, we could support this, and piggy back off of it.

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