1.1: Chemistry and it's Methods

Although this course will focus on the fundamentals of the first two paradigms of science, you will be entering a world and a workforce where the latter two paradigms will be gaining importance in the pursuit of science.  It needs to be realized that all of these complement each other, and fit within the framework of the scientific method. 

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This is showing you how H. can enable classroom discussion of your textbook, and how LibreText allows you to customize content as you feel appropriate. If you look at this LibreText, which is being developed, it follows the table of contents of Kotz's text, which is the required text at my school, costs around $360 and each edition lasts about 3 years. Kotz's text is a very good book, but last I looked, it does not mention the fourth paradigm, or data intensive resources like PubChem, does it? But mine does! :-)

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