This site is devoted to discussion of assessment of the Spring 2017 OLCC.

OLCC Assessment;  We need to assess more than just student learning, but how effectively we create curriculum content.


Assessment Goals:  I see two aspects to this, Curriculum Development and Curriculum Delivery.

  1. Curriculum Development
  • How the Drupal site enables collaboration between faciliators and lecturers.
    • Should we have some sort of survey?


  1. Curriculum Delivery
    • Student Navigation of the Site
    • How does the Drupal site support the course
      • Project Pages
    • Student Learning
      • This is complicated because each class has a different teacher, with different goals/objectives and assignments


General approach to assessing the OLCC (Adapted from Xavier and the 2015 OLCC)

Objectives: Implement a set of tools on the OLCC website to gather as much information as possible regarding the design, implementation and delivery of the OLCC course. The assessment will be informative for the next iterations of the course but we won't be building any validated assessment the first time around.

Items to be assessed.

  • Student perception. 
    Because of this new course delivery model, there are new aspects that we want to ask students about:  content/pedagogies, sequence/depth and faculty
    We want to gather students' perception regarding:
    • Adopted pedagogies: how did the classroom dynamics and interactions work?
    • Design of the course: Sequence and depth of content
    • Faculty: Student perception of the two-faculty (lecturer-facilitator) model
      • Ask about preparation and clarity of the lecturer
      • Ask about preparation and coordination of the facilitator
  • Student interaction with the website
    • Is the design and funcitonality of the website appropriate? Rather than technical problems we want to know if the platform with the videos and forums were appropriate for learning.
  • Student learning
    • Learning Objectives for each module (summative)
    • Learning Outcomes for each module (formative)

Technical Tools: To be implemented in Drupal

  1. Likert scales (rating 1-5) under each teaching and learning object (TLO). One possible question: Like it? Useful?
    They cannot be enforced or mandatory, but can we keep track of what user votes?
  2. Pop-up questions. More invasive but it forces all students to answer.
  3. Exams. Only for summative assessment.
  4. Surveys. Only for formative assessment. Careful with survey fatigue.
  5. Site web logs


Survey for lecturers:

We are trying to understand how the current “OLCC on Drupal” platform is used to collaboratively develop the OLCC curriculum. There are two main aspects that makes this a novel approach, the fact that it is done online and that it is done collaboratively.

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