Installed Modules

List the modules installed on OLCC, along with some notes on setting them up. Modules that required extra effort have their own forum topic here.


1. WYSIYG module (and Library - see WYSYIG topic)


2.  Insert Module – so we can insert images into parts of text using WYSIWYG

Then need to go to the content type, manage fields, and you have a new insert option (and click enable insert button)


3.   Chaos Tools Suit (CST).  This has code that is required by many other modules


4. Views Module

This allows you to create web pages, blocks and RSS feeds from various items in the database.


5. PathAuto Module

gives links human readable names, instead of node numbers


6. Token module

required by many modules.


7.  Advanced forum module

I am not sure this is best, but it is what this forum uses, and has many advantages over the core forum


8.  Subscriptions module

This is what divched is not using, and there are a lot of issues.  See the forum"Comment-Discussion" for other options and discussions.

9.  Mail_edit module


10. Comment goodness module

(Allows sorting of comments from new to old, and also appears to allow you to hide the comment form as a link)


11. Lexicon module

(for development site, probably not for class site).  Although it would be nice to have more granular features

  • To get to mark up text you need to go into the filtered text options (full html/filtered…)
  • If you want people to see the definitions as a page, you need to set permissions.
  • Need to enable link in menu item (Navigation here)

*** There are conflicts here.  If you automarkup, it goofs up the emails.  This issue involves the text editor.


12.  HTML mail module - needed for subscription comments that are generated with html editor
HTML Mail (this required mailsystem, the next module)l


13. Mailsystem module

Go to config and make html mail site-wide default


14. Mime mail module