Cheminformatics Resources

This page contains resources that can be used in the Spring 2017 Cheminformatics OLCC class.

This is a collaborative workspace for sharing resources for the Cheminformatics OLCC.

Open Access Resources:  These can be publically uploaded or directly linked to from this page, and it would be nice if a short one-sentence description could be made for each link/open access article, and when appropriate, an indication of the module(s) the material would be useful for.  That said, it needs to be understood that much of the material will be useful for student projects.  Right now this site is being used by instructors to discuss teaching resources, but at a later date, it can be used to students as they pusue their class projects.

To Upload a Public File you go to the "Edit" option, and the very first field is a "File Upload" field, that allows you to browse for the file and upload it. You must save the page after this, and the file will be available even if someone does not log-in.

Copyrighted Resources: Access to these must be limited to students and faculty in the class, and not available without proper login credentials, indicating you are part of the actual class.  At this point, we can upload files to the bottom of this page and discuss them for possible adoption in the course.  Obviously, any copyrighted file can not be distributed outside of the context of this class.

To Upload a Private File you do not go to edit mode, but stay in view mode, and scroll to the bottom of the page (below the comments), and there you see all files associated with the page, and you can upload a new file.  You can not see this unless you have faculty or student permission when you log in.

Please do not share private files with anyone who is not a student or instructor in the course.

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