Hypothes.is Annotations

Hypothes is Annotations

This video shows how we will use Hypothes.is (h.) annotation service in the Cheminformatics OLCC.  Click on the title to receive instructions on how to use access and use this service.


There are several steps you need to make to participate in the hypothes.is discussions.

  1. Create Account at Hypothes.is or h.
    Use your OLCC username of the form: OLCC SXY (where X&Y are integers)
  2. Join the h. group called OLCCNoMail, by following this link: 
  3. Join the h. group called OLCCSendMail, by following this link:

You have three options when you post to h.:

  1. Public - anyone on the web can see annotation, but no RSS feed is sent
    This should be used if you want to create a link and your annotation would make sense to anyone on the web
  2. OLCCNoMail - only members of OLCC can see annotarion and scroll to annotation and an RSS feed of Annotation is sent to our website.
    This should be used if you want to create a Link that is only viewable to people in the course, and you want the information placed into the course management system.
  3. OLCCSendMail - only members of OLCC see or can scroll to annotation, RSS feed is generated and an email is sent to all student and faculty in course.
    This should be used if a discussion is not related to a module or webpage on the OLCC site.


There are multiple tutorials at h. which you are welcome to watch, but the above video should provide an overview of how we will use it in this class.

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Comments 2

OLCC S19 | Sat, 01/28/2017 - 16:31

Idid not receive the email concerning joining hypothesis as it was sent to an outside account. Tried unsuccessfully to find the link for hypothesis within OLCC site. Only link available to this module within the OLCC site is through the email sent to my off campus email.

Robert Belford's picture
Robert Belford | Sun, 01/29/2017 - 10:26

The link to this page is in the website tutorials link of the course homepage (Spring 2017 Course)