5. Exploring Chemistry Apps

Increasing number of Chemistry Apps are appearing on tablets and mobile phones. They can be used to view a molecule in 3D format, to do molecular simulation, to manage literature, to work as interactive learning tool, to act as lab reference and tool. In this project, a participant can pick one of the six categories of Chemistry Apps (reference/study guide, molecular viewer, research, utilities, periodic table, games), find the best app(s) and critique. The participant can find an scenario that could be helpful in a particular Chemistry course, a lab environment (for a specific experiment) or a research project where chemistry apps can be used extensively and effectively. One JChemEd review paper, a book chapter and a website with Chemistry apps review table will be provided. The student is encouraged to contribute to a wiki-like website to review the latest chemistry apps, update information, and correct any errors on the wiki-site.


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