Assignment for Collaborative Citation Management (Zotero)

For this assignment, you will write a collaborative paper and use Zotero to collect your references and write the paper. The main goal of this assignment is to gain proficiency in the nature of collaborative groupwork using Zotero, so the topics are intended to be easy to research. I. Form a group and pick a topic Each group will work on one of the following topics. Your group can consist of students only in your course, or you may collaborate with students from another institution in order to write the paper. The possible topics are intended to be easy to research, so everyone should have no trouble finding a good number of references. For each topic you will be writing a short (2 page) essay on its history, current use, and any common reactions, how it is made, or safety concerns. Mosquito repellants. Hair dyes. Capacitors. Carbon monoxide detectors. Isotope labeling. Sunscreens. Preservatives. Sulfa drugs. Aspirin. Steel. Brass. Any specific ones your instructor recommends. ​II. Create a Zotero Group an invite your instructor(s). There will be many citations that you can incorporate into your paper. Do not try to be restrictive. Save and organize as many references as you can. Each group should have one shared folder called “Paper References” where you will put all the references that ended up being used in the final paper. III. Collaboratively write a 2 page max (not including bibliography) paper about your group’s topic. You must turn in two copies of your Group’s paper. They must be identical except they must use two different styles. One copy must be in the style: “American Chemical Society (with titles and DOI, sentence case)” [this one will have to be downloaded from the Style Repository] One copy should be in the style of your Group’s choosing. It must correspond to a Journal that is related to your topic. (In other words, if your topic is Hair Dyes, choosing Dyes and Pigments would make sense, but MLA style does not). Your group will be given a grade that is based on the following points: All members of the group are members of the Zotero Group. A substantially large number of references are present in the Zotero Group folder beyond those references used in the paper. At least 20 references are used in the final paper. Length is close to 2 pages without going over. Paper covers a brief history of the subject, current usage, and any relevant reactions/safety concerns/synthesis. Correct grammar, spelling, and proper use of the Style.
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